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Cleric's Third Spire Rotation for raids

Cleric's Third Spire Rotation for raids
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As our raiding will lead us to take on more difficult targets, we will need to use all the resources we have to ensure success.

The cleric's Fundamental Third Spire of Divinity is an AA skill clerics can use to help bolster the group, and targeted tank,s survivability. The buff lasts only a minute and a half and has a 7min 30sec recast time. So, for all practical purposes a Third Spire rotation should be used when a main raid mob is around 10%-20%, or so in health. (each raid target will have different mechanics so using a cleric Third Spire Rotation will be the call of the raid leader (Emperior) and/or the cleric (and healer class leader) Harmoniey.

A hotkey can be set up easily for a Cleric's Third Spire Rotation:

Social Name: 3rd spire rotation

1st line: /(healer channel #) Casting 3rd spire on MT. Sumii (next cleric in the alpha list) is next for 3rd spire.

2nd line: /pause 5

3rd line: /alt activate 1472 (1472 is the numerical designation of the cleric's Fundamental Third Spire of Divinity)

4th line: /pause 870 (this is a pause of 1 min 30 sec. before sending a tell to the next cleric to cast their 3rd spire)

5th line: /tell Sumii (the next cleric in the rotation) My 3rd spire is fading. Please cast your 3rd spire on the MT. Thanks.

Since our Third Spire of Divinity has a short range, you may/will have to move closer to the MT for it to affect him/her.

We will need to set this up and test it out as soon as possible. Perhaps we can get Emperior to help us with a GINA prompt if it can be set up.

As always, Harmoniey and I are always open to any suggestions that will help us to get a better chance of success on our raids.
Rick, I assume that a cleric 3rd spire is a set time so instead of your 4th line being a tell I suggest something a little different. As an example, if it is good for 90 seconds I suggest line 4 is /pause 8500 & line 5 is /tell next cleric my 3rd spire is fading hit your 3rd spire now. I would think that is a little easier for the next in rotation rather than watching their buff window for yours to fade.
Thanks Devdog. I'll look at changing the hotkey after everyone has had a chance to read it and have a healer/raid leader meeting to discuss the usage and refine the hotkey.
I have changed the original post to reflect Devdog's suggestions. I haven't tested it yet. As soon as we can meet as healers, we can test/adjust the rotation to suit our needs.
I have changed the pause on line 4 from 8500 to a more reasonable 870. That means the next cleric in the 3rd Spire rotation will get a /tell to cast their 3rd spire within about 3 seconds of when they need to cast. There will not be a need for the next in the rotation to monitor the target's (main tank) buffs.
In all of Daybreak's "FIXING" things they think are not working right, they have made our cleric's 3rd spire so it is no longer usable on any player outside of the cleric's own group. This along with nerfing the cleric mana refresh buffs and the undead nuke and DoT has very much diminished the cleric's usefulness in groups or raids. If Daybreak continues to nerf any more of the cleric's skills and AAs, most groups would prefer healer mercs rather than a PC.
This makes a 3rd spire rotation no longer usable as a raid tool. Cleric's 3rd spire is still a very powerful AA for group survivability and should be used often in raids or difficult group content.
I'm sorry but I'm not seeing how this ruins the clerics ability to do thier jobs on raids .. first. Spires I don't think we're ever ment to be used outside of your group and its only a small boost so it's not going to save a raid .. and as for making clerics less wanted in raids or groups I would not think that in the least .. a well played cleric is most definitely wanted over a merc or even druid or shaman healing .. I also believe we may be going in the wrong direction with shooting for high heal amounts .. it only adds that number to the end of the heal .. I think we should be going for clairvoyance to give you back more mana with every cast and hero wisdom to give you a bigger mana pool to work from and also sympathetic healing augs and procs to add to it .. Well played and geared properly a good cleric can be almost unstoppable I would think

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