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AE Healing for Droga

AE Healing for Droga
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Ok, here are my thoughts and I welcome others input on how to improve the healing during longer fights such as Droga.

Clerics should be making a hotkey to cast the following spell.
1 cleric at a time do the following
/rs "Issuance of Spirit cast at Droga"
/3 (healer channel) casting IoS at Droga
Cast Issuance of Spirit to the East side of the blood pool. This will allow the heal over time to hit DPS / Tanks at Droga as well as casters along the walls AND reach the ranger/SK CC group.

Move slightly and hit forced rejuvination then recast IoS again.

Immediately back out of the area to avoid agro.

Issuance of Spirit
43168 Issuance of Spirit Rk. III CLR/103 1992 4s 5m T13 0 n/a Target Ring AE 1: Summon Pet: IOCleIssuance103Rk3 x 1 for 120s
Which results in:
43171 Issuance of Spirit Effect III 0s 0s 0 n/a Single 1: Increase Current HP by 3027

In other words 3200 HP healed per tick x 20 ticks (120 sec at 6 sec per tick) x 54 raiders = 3.5 million hps healed.

Using forced rejuve allows this spell to be reused as right away for another 3.5 million hps healed.

This can be done in addition to the MGB'd Celestial Regen or in place of it.
Celestial regen heals 500 hp per tick for 4 ticks (6 with max extension AAs) for 162,000 hps healed.

1 Celestial Regen can be running at a time, they do not stack. Multiple IoS casts can be stacked.

Clerics have a level 105 true AE heal spell (not group) The spell targets an area which has to be selected at the time of casting.

I typically cast this at the lip of the blood pool which hits all those in the pool and reaches the casters along the walls but does not hit those in the room or the rangers / SKs.

Convalescent Splash
heals 6460 base and crits exception heals for 40k and crit heals for up to 80k. Based on last nights log file this is hitting on 12-14 players in the aura or doing up to 1.12 million healed.

Think about some other ways we can improve. Tweak these ideas! Lets get over this hump. We are SO very close to owning this expansion.

Sounds good to me....anything to help
good ideas there Exile, one more to add is have one and only one cleric doing promised heal on the mt, that really needs to be communicated as to who will be doing it
if they are not already doing so the shamans should be casting rain heal every time it comes up on the MT for the rain heal that will hit everyone .. also with grusuum i use my group heal every time it comes up and group hot .. im not sure how many unboxed shamans we have .. wish we had more though .. but even so the shamans if there need to be doing that first and foremost

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