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2018 Donations for Team Speak and CTA dkp site

2018 Donations for Team Speak and CTA dkp site
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Howdee its that time where we need to keep team speak and ctadkp site i will be taking donations for both.the ammount is 200.00 i will post who donates what that way we can see and verify,if you cannot donate ,no worries,those who can ,we thank you.we use paypal. please send donations to

ctadkp site is 84.00 per year.
teamspeak is about 100.00,i will find out the exact cost and update this asap.

Minasu 50.00
Cienna 40.00
Eeline 25.00
osimgrot 20.00
Adobo 20.00
As of 12/24/2017 ctadkp system has been paid for another year.$84.00.
$71.00 balance.

we might acquire a different chat to use.still working things out on it.stay tuned.
Due to popular demand ,we will keep Teamspeak .

cienna 50.00
ratbo 10.00
darkweber 5.00
64.00 balance
jimech 20.00
remslaren 45.00

no more donations required at this time ..CTA thanks you all!

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