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New Site Up and Running

New Site Up and Running
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Website for Cazic Thule Alliance created
Howdee and thanks for making this site emperior.And welcome to all who are part of this alliance.hope to see you all on future raids.
I like it! Thanks emp!
OK - I think I'm here - COOL! thanks!

Awesome work!
Great job emp. Now how do I find my way around. Found standings so guess I'm all set).
Quote by adobo
Website for Cazic Thule Alliance created

Great job guys!!
Just wanted to say website looks good, nice job.
I want to thank Adobo for making the first payment on the DKP server. It is greatly appreciated.
To see my friends have fun and accomplish progression in eq..its my pleasure and worth more than the cost to me ..again my thanks.
OMG where is this website at I can't find it

Nothing is impossible, just highly improbable

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